Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Retail sales in the UK see first drop since January this year.

While John Lewis may have seen some positive figures as their profits rise by 28%, threats to the retail market are still looming. Chariman of the John Lewis Partnership, Charlie Mayfield warned there may be trouble ahead in the retail sector as public spending cuts and tax rises are still to come.

This comes just as the retail sector as a whole sees a surprise fall in sales after six months of growth within high street growth. Despite the difficult economic climate, UK shoppers have been surprisingly resilient in terms of high street spending until now.

Top economist at HIS Global Insight, Howard Archer, told Sky News: “The unexpected 0.5% fall in retail sales in August is a nasty shock and deals a significant blow to growth hopes.” It is thought that a combination of job loss worries and the intended VAT hike in January are causing shoppers to be more conscious of their spending.

The latest Plimsoll Analysis - Retailers, analysing the performance of the UK's top 500 Retailers shows that 139 are already in financial difficulty and likely to be the next High Street failure. Click here to find out who they are


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