Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Travel market - Airport hotels see guest numbers soar as travellers see benefit

Airport hotels used to carry the connotation of being a last resort after a cancelled flight or for convenience during a quick business trip, but it seems this is all changing.

Recent surveys have shown that travellers are becoming more likely to choose an airport hotel than the previously more popular city-centred option. As people try to keep an eye on their pennies, the option of cheaper airport hotels has proven to be more attractive to those not wanting to overspend following the economic crisis.

As more airport hotels offer useful amenities to their customers such as free Wi-Fi (an important factor when considering accommodation, business or pleasure), and extras like parking included in the price, budget-conscious travellers have seen convenient advantages in choosing an airport hotel.

Compared to the normal city-based hotel that visitors tend to opt for when choosing where to sleep, choosing an airport hotel can mean an average saving of 42%* for the traveller as well as the added benefits of extras included in the price.