Thursday, 7 October 2010

Liverpool FC - the start of a takeover tidal wave in British football?

Liverpool FC looks set to be bought out in the coming days but what about the rest of Britains football clubs - could we be set for a tidal wave of takeovers and maybe even further administration sagas?

Many of our treasured clubs are a house of cards - a web of shell companies, often based in tax havens that hide the true extent of the debt. Many owners, both foreign and home based, have gambled with the future of their clubs for either prestige, ego or personal financial gain.

Plimsoll has released a hard hitting report into the health and acquisition attractivenss of all the leading British football clubs and the results should act as a wake up call to the game and its boardrooms. Some of the eye opening findings include:

Many clubs are exposed to takeover and would struggle to repel potential suitors. Many need new owners to bring new capital and ideas into the business to get it back on an even keel

Over half of clubs have been given a Danger rating - they have aspects of their performance that should concern both the fans and the owners. Most of these clubs will struggle to trade their way out of the mess

Post your thoughts on the health of your club below:


  1. Surely at some point player wages must come under the spotlight.

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