Monday, 4 October 2010

UK Food Brands - How many more will be lost to overseas suitors?

With news that Premier Foods is open to offers for Quorn (its meat free brand) as part of a debt reduction strategy, it poses the question, "Are UK's Food Manufacturers set to clean out their cupboards?"

Plimsoll has identified 153 of the UK's leading food manufacturers that need to to take urgent and radical steps need to be taken. With so many manufacturers in difficulty, there is a growing sense that we will see some famous brands changing hands as companies try to get debts back under control.

How many of these brands will be lost to overseas suitors is difficult to say but the recent flirtations between United Biscuits and Bright Foods seems to indicate a serious appetite for western brands among eastern groups. Plimsoll has also identified 93 other UK companies that are vulnerable to takeover. In many cases, whole companies will be acquired rather than just individual brands.

The latest Plimsoll Analysis has analysed the 500 largest Food Manufacturers in Britain and rated each one on its performance, likelihood of being taken over and what its future prospects are.

Click here to find out which companies could be bought out, those set to fail and those powering ahead


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