Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Which region in the UK is the most dangerous to do business in?

Companies based in the Northern Home Counties are the most likely to be in financial difficulty according to research from market analysts Plimsoll. Almost a third of companies across all areas of the UK economy that were based in this region were rated as Danger by Plimsoll.

Perhaps most surprisingly, the same research flagged unfashionable regions such as West Midlands, Yorkshire and the North East as having the least percentage of companies in trouble - averaging just over a quarter. Are directors based in these much maligned regions better at running their companies than their counterparts in more fashionable areas?

Here is the full breakdown of the number of companies analysed per region:

Plimsoll assessed 240,000 as part of this UK wide study. We produce over 1,500 specific UK market reports. Click here for more information about Plimsoll and the reports and services we provide.


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