Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Which UK Food Manufacturer will sell out next?

With its famous brands seemingly in demand from overseas suitors, undercapitalization still prevalent and profit margins remaining squeezed, a wave of takeovers is set to change the UK’s Food Manufacturing sector forever.

The ongoing story of United Biscuits being courted by prospective new owners suggests that British brands remaining in high demand from major overseas players. Overall, UK based Food Manufacturers are facing weak growth and the prospect of a double dip recession. So, should UK based manufacturers be openly courting the attentions of buyers now to get the best value for their shareholders?

For example, should other major players such as Northern Foods (who posted their half year results today) also explore the possibility of attracting outside investment into the company to help it prosper in a difficult market?

93 UK based manufacturers would benefit from being taken over – Click here to find out who.


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