Tuesday, 23 November 2010

CBI announces new leader as John Cridland.

The Confederation of British Industry announced ‘veteran’ John Cridland had been appointed as the new director general. Mr Cridland has worked within the company for many years and was passed over for the job when he previously applied five years ago.

Taking on the £310,000-a-year post, Mr Cridland recognised the difficult time ahead for businesses. He said: “There are many challenges ahead in getting the economy growing and no one thinks that securing the UK’s economic future will be easy, but business people across the country are rolling up their sleeves and getting on with the job.”

Insiders have welcomed the news after fears a newcomer would disrupt internal affairs.

Former CBI director general, Lord Jones said appointing Mr Cridland would be beneficial to the business world, adding that his “knowledge, experience, popularity, contacts and prodigious hard work and application to the task will make an enormous contribution to the country in the hard years ahead.”


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  2. He announced his decision to step down as Director-General in March 2015, ... John Cridland steps down as head of CBI.
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